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BENCRETE are voted #1 on google reviews when it comes to concreting in Adelaide & we are PROUD & PASSIONATE about this!! 


When it comes to sex dungeons of course we can create the perfect concrete floor for you but we wont stop there!! We can design your space as well. From Mirrors to candles, whips to chains, spa baths to claw feet baths, lube stations & drainage, Cuffs & chains, when you deal with BENCRETE you're dealing with a professional. Budgets of 60k and over for our service.


Factors that may affect your price are listed below:

-Do we have good access?

-Can we reverse a concrete truck up to the job location?

-Do we need a concrete Pump?

-Extra helpers on the wheelbarrow?

-Has the ground been prepared?

-Do we need to bring in Earthmoving Equipment to level out the job (bobcat, excavator, dingo, jackhammer, demo saw) etc?

-Do we need to bring in fill, roadbase, rubble?

-Your Suburb/location?

-Your Time Frame?




Our Prices are based on Adelaide Metro. We also  are happy to work country and need to factor in accommodation, travel and material surcharges.

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